Newtown Medical | Dietitian – Alicia Sim
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Dietitian – Alicia Sim

Dietitian at Newtown Medical Practice

Alicia Sim is an Accredited Practising Dietitian from the Dietitians Association of Australia.
Graduated from University of Sydney with Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Bachelor Degree in Nutritional Science in Melbourne La Trobe University, Alicia strives to always provide excellent health care services to patients who requires nutritional advice on diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, mental health disorders, arthritis, gout, weight management, food allergies, nutritional supplements and other general health eating. Her goal is to provide healthier nutritional advice to better suit each patient’s lifestyle and to help them achieve their nutritional goals.

Alicia works closely with doctors to provide a holistic health care approach for patients. Each session can be reimbursed by Medicare or partly through private health insurance.

Available times:

By appointment & walk-ins welcome

Her working hours:
– every 2nd thursday 8am till 12pm
– each session takes 30min